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1975 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV

This car has recently arrived from South Africa where it has been all its life benefiting from the dry climate. As a result condition is excellent with the body in a particularly good state and completely free from corrosion. The car is in very original condition. The interior is factory spec as is the exterior (albeit with the bumpers removed, sold with the car and easily replaced).

The 1600 GT Junior began production in 1972 and was popular due to its smaller engine and associated saving on the large road tax levies penalising larger capacities, particularly the case in South Africa. At the time Alfa had a glut of 1600 engines and released the car with 2000 GTV spec but 1600 engine. The car’s elements would have been manufactured in Italy and then assembled at Alfas factory in South Africa where it came off the production line in 1975.

The car was purchased by a doctor in Cape Town and remained in his ownership till early 2014 when the CCC brought it to the UK.

South African vehicle tax rules penalised larger capacity engines heavily and the 1600 unit was significantly cheaper than the 2 litre model to purchase and run. As a result a common workaround was to buy the 1600 and then exchange the engine with the 2 litre after registration, as is the case with this car. The 1600 GT junior was identical to the 2000 GTV in terms of interior spec and looks. Differing only in the engine capacity and drivetrain.

The only modifications have occurred under the bonnet with the 1600 unit replaced with a 2000 engine running twin Webbers. The drive train has also been upgraded to GTV spec with LSD.

Recently recommissioned the car has benefited from a number of improvements. The original un-laminated and potentially dangerous windscreen has been replaced with a new one. The original wheels have been restored along with the dashboard which had exhibited classic cracking common to these cars. The car has been fully serviced by an Alfa expert with the fluids changed and the fuel lines replaced. New front shocks and ball joints have been added along with a refurbished rear anti roll bar.

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Brief Summary

  • Stunning Bertone shape
  • Lightweight rear wheel drive body
  • Powerful twin webber 2 litre engine
  • No history of rust or corrosion